F45:025 – Mark Steele, Producer

F45:025 – Mark Steele, Producer

Mark Steele produces movies for Werc Werk Works as well as independently (see Cutie and the Boxer and others). In this episode we chat about his path from engineering to putting on big festivals (like, Sundance and Tribeca) to producing award-winning films and life here in The North.

Movies mentioned: Thin Ice, Life During Wartime, Howl, Darling Companion (and not Kill Your Darlings, doh!), Sembene!, The Interpreters

News updates:
2018 Spirit Award Screenings @ Walker
Classes at FilmNorth
MSPIFF 2019 – looking for festival workers
Time for Ilhan doc @ St Anthony Main

Have a Happy New Year and we’ll see you in 2019!


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F45:024 – Brennan Vance, filmmaker

F45:024 – Brennan Vance, filmmaker

Who are you? Brennan Vance thinks about such things, then puts those thoughts onto the screen. We get deep right away about identity and much more. This past year he was awarded the 2017 McKnight Media Artist Fellowship. As far as works goes, he was cinematographer on Memories of a Penitent Heart and Robert Klein Still Can’t Stop His Leg.  His narrative debut The Missing Sun received a Jerome Foundation fellowship and was selected as part of the 2016 IFP Filmmaker Narrative Labs, played at Sofia Independent Film Festival, Wisconsin Film Festival, and Ashland Independent Film Festival, where is won a special jury prize. Brennan’s DP work for Twin Cities PBS has earned him three Emmy Awards.

Congrats to Wenonah Wilms on winning the Academy Nicholl Fellowship Screenwriting Award!
Congrats to Cy Dodson on his Oscar-qualifying short film “Beneath The Ink!”

Twin Cities Arab Film Fest
MN WebFest
Theater de la Jeune Lune gallery show
Twin Cities Film Fest
Flyway Film Festival

F45:023 – Steve Speers, Cinemechanics

F45:023 – Steve Speers, Cinemechanics

This episode features cinematographer, AC, and business owner Steve Speers of Cinemechanics. And the big news is that they are hosting the upcoming Next Level Expo on July 31st, 2018 from 1-6pm where various bits of production gear with be featured and reps will be present from RED, Sony, AbelCine, and MotoCrane. See cameras, lenses, rigs, and accessories and learn about full-frame acquisition and camera cars and network with fellow filmmaking folks. Sounds fun to us!

Steve has worked on such projects as Fargo, Bernie, In An Instant, Lady Dynamite, Blood Stripe, Wilson and many others as a cinematographer and/or an AC and he owns and run Cinemechanics, a boutique rental house in the Twin Cities. If you need high-speed or high-end cameras, vintage or specialized lenses, you probably want to talk to Steve and his crew. We get into geekery on 8k resolution, HDR, full frame cameras, advice for upcoming crew, mentorship, and more.

Calendar items:
Next Level Expo, July 31, 2018. From 1-6pm. @ Cinemechanics www.cinemechanics.net
MNFILMTV Summer Town Hall Meeting, August 23, 2018. 5:30-7:30pm. @ 56 Brewing

F45:022 – FilmNorth Forum 2018

F45:022 – FilmNorth Forum 2018

This year’s FilmNorth Forum is July 14-15th, 2018 and we get a look inside from FilmNorth Executive Director Andrew Peterson. Your registration includes all the panels, the double-feature screening, light breakfast/lunch, one-on-one sessions (optional), and the reception.

Register now: http://myfilmnorth.org/event/2018-forum/


A free double-feature screening of Capturing the Flag (Anne de Mare, director) and 1985 (Yen Tan, writer/director,) will take place at the Landmark Lagoon Cinema.


Location: SPNN, 550 Vandalia Street, Suite 170 (Vandalia Annex), St. Paul, MN 55114

Creating TV and Web Series in the Heartland
With an explosion of platforms, less reliance on “name” talent, and a support of independent sensibilities, filmmakers who may have previously made independent features are, instead, making episodic series. And they’re making them everywhere–not just in New York and Los Angeles. Hear from a who’s who of young talent who are making exciting episodic series from the heartland.
Sam Bailey, writer/director/creator of the Emmy nominated web series Brown Girls (being developed for HBO), Gotham Award nominated web series You’re So Talented, Fink (being developed for Universal Cable Productions)
Vincent Johnson, Brown Girls
Naomi Ko, writer/creator/actress Nice (2018 Tribeca Film Festival)
Michael Starburry, writer Central Park Five (Netflix), Legends of Chamberlain Heights (Comedy Central)
Moderated by Matthew G. Anderson, creator Theater People

Getting Political: The Art of Campaign Documentaries
There’s a long and rich history of political documentaries. Join two filmmakers who have created compelling new entries in this canon that shine a light on the current state of affairs and call us to action. Whether the topic is a new and inspiring representative or the political process itself, each director shows there are endless possibilities for compelling stories in modern politics.
Anne de Mare, director Capturing the Flag
Norah Shapiro, director Time for Ilhan
Moderated by documentarian Melody Gilbert

Case Study: 1985
Premiering to rave reviews at the 2018 SXSW Film Festival, Yen Tan’s 1985 quickly racked up awards (most recently winning the Audience Award at the Champs-Élysées Film Festival) and landed distribution with Wolfe Releasing. Interestingly enough, 1985 began as a short film, which premiered at an earlier SXSW Film Festival. How did a low-budget, black and white film shot in Texas manage all this? The usual way: great writing and direction and strong producing. Join writer/director Yen Tan (who also wrote and directed the 2014 Cassavetes Award nominated Pit Stop) and producer Ash Christian (producer or executive producer of 8 feature films in 2018 alone) to find out the secrets of low-budget filmmaking success.
Yen Tan, writer/director
Ash Christian, producer
Moderated by SXSW Film Festival Programmer Gabe Van Amburgh

Plus a Special Dialogue To Be Announced!


Location: FilmNorth, 550 Vandalia Street, Suite 120 (main building), St. Paul, MN 55114

The following Forum guests will be available for 10-minute consultations. You may request up to two consultations to FilmNorth Education Director Reilly Tillman.

  • Sam Bailey
  • Ash Christian
  • Anne de Mare
  • Vincent Johnson
  • Yen Tan
  • Gabe Van Amburgh

F45:021 – Charlie McCarron, composer

F45:021 – Charlie McCarron, composer

After having three film projects premiere at MSPIFF 2018, Film45 caught up with composer Charlie McCarron to learn about he manages to create all his content, what motivates him, how to talk to composers if you are a director, his own podcast about music (“Composer Quest”), patreon and kickstarter, editing, and even board games. Check out his music and all his shows and plan to get your composer involved earlier in your own project.

Charlie’s website: CharlieMcCarron.com
Charlie’s podcast: Composer Quest

The three recent films at MSPIFF: Silicone Soul, Beneath The Ink, Hearts Want

Watch Sad Clown here.


F45:020 – Brian Stemmler, producer

F45:020 – Brian Stemmler, producer

Producer/Partner Brian Stemmler is part of the YouTube series “How To Make Everything” with Andy George. He’s also a commercial producer by day over at KSTP. We talk about his journey from L.A. to Minnesota, working as a field and segment producer in television, what it looks like to have an active YouTube series, how to monetize and publicize, and much more. Tune in if you are curious about streaming episodic content and establishing yourself on YouTube.

How To Make Everything website
How To Make Everything youtube
Brian Stemmler linkedin

Upcoming Events

MNFILMTV Town Hall Meeting at IFP August 17, 2017, 5:30pm.
IFPMN Annual Party, September 14th, 2017, 7pm. Big news promised!
IFPMN Screenwriting Residency applications due September 18th.
IFPMN Cinematography Boot Camp and other classes, ongoing.

F45:019 – Eric Howell, Voice From The Stone

F45:019 – Eric Howell, Voice From The Stone

Director Eric Howell got his start in the stunt and effects world but his appetite for learning led him through numerous short films, including the multi-award-winning Ana’s Playground, and now to his debut feature film with Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones). We chatted the day after his film premiere at MSPIFF 2017. The full film is available to watch now on iTunes, Amazon, Cable VOD, and other streaming platforms. Visit the Voice From The Stone website for all links.

Ana’s Playground – website
Strangers – Trailer
Voice From The Stone – website


VFTS party

On Set – The Photos of Wilson Webb – May 6th, 2017.
MNFILMTV Party & Fundraiser
– May 25th, 2017.
Arts Learning Series at IFP
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