F45:023 – Steve Speers, Cinemechanics

F45:023 – Steve Speers, Cinemechanics

This episode features cinematographer, AC, and business owner Steve Speers of Cinemechanics. And the big news is that they are hosting the upcoming Next Level Expo on July 31st, 2018 from 1-6pm where various bits of production gear with be featured and reps will be present from RED, Sony, AbelCine, and MotoCrane. See cameras, lenses, rigs, and accessories and learn about full-frame acquisition and camera cars and network with fellow filmmaking folks. Sounds fun to us!

Steve has worked on such projects as Fargo, Bernie, In An Instant, Lady Dynamite, Blood Stripe, Wilson and many others as a cinematographer and/or an AC and he owns and run Cinemechanics, a boutique rental house in the Twin Cities. If you need high-speed or high-end cameras, vintage or specialized lenses, you probably want to talk to Steve and his crew. We get into geekery on 8k resolution, HDR, full frame cameras, advice for upcoming crew, mentorship, and more.

Calendar items:
Next Level Expo, July 31, 2018. From 1-6pm. @ Cinemechanics www.cinemechanics.net
MNFILMTV Summer Town Hall Meeting, August 23, 2018. 5:30-7:30pm. @ 56 Brewing


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F45:012 – Rick Vaicius, Flyway Film Festival

F45:012 – Rick Vaicius, Flyway Film Festival

The hosts of Film45, Jeremy Wilker and Rick Vaicius, have an end-of-year chat about Flyway, Sound Unseen, the film culture in The North, and going to Sundance once again.

Spirit Awards Screenings
McKnight Fellowships
Matt Osterman’s 400 Days
MNFILMTV Town Hall, January 28th, 5:30pm, 514 Studios

F45:011 – Jason Schumacher, filmmaker

F45:011 – Jason Schumacher, filmmaker

Filmmaker, producer, editor, assistant (and more) Jason Schumacher chats with us about his features, shorts, and the state of filmmaking here in The North. His most recent short film, Sad Clown, is a must-see film and his last feature, The Telephone Game, is getting VOD release this month. Jason is working on the forthcoming feature film, Twin Cities, with David Ash, a documentary about competitive skydiving called Beyond The Thrill, and he’s also a board gamer in his free time.

The IFP MN grand re-opening gala celebration is this coming weekend, August 21-23rd with food, drinks, special guests, gala party, open house, gallery opening and much more! Friday and Sunday are free, but get your tickets now for Saturday night!


F45:010 – Jan Selby, Quiet Island Films

F45:010 – Jan Selby, Quiet Island Films

At the recent Documentary Summit MSP here in the Twin Cities, Jeremy sat down with Jan Selby, from Quiet Island Films, to chat about her career path and her socially-impactful documentary films. Her doc about veterans and peace, “Beyond The Divide,” has had a great festival run and will be broadcast in the fall and she’s already at work on her next doc on Montessori education, currently titled “Building The Pink Tower.”

The Apple IIc

IFP MN Docuclub (facebook group)

F45:009 – Dawn Mikkelson, doc maker

F45:009 – Dawn Mikkelson, doc maker

We visit with documentary filmmaker Dawn Mikkelson and learn all about her approach and work in the doc arena, including the projects on ‘green’ energy, Green Green Water, and forgiveness, Risking Light. Dawn is the owner of Emergence Pictures and a member of the Twelve Plus collaborative. She will be one of several filmmakers providing their insights and expertise at the upcoming Documentary Summit at MCAD on July 24-25th.

Mark your calendars for IFP MN‘s new facility grand opening celebration weekend, August 21-23rd 2015.

Emergence Pictures

Twelve Plus

Documentary Summit MSP



F45:008 – Kevin Pontuti, UW Stout

F45:008 – Kevin Pontuti, UW Stout

Jeremy sits down with Kevin Pontuti, professor at UW Stout in Menomonie, Wisconsin, to learn more about the 2015 Summer Cinema Intensive (an 8-week college-credit hands-on filmmaking course) and the normal degree offerings for students enrolling at Stout (digital cinema, animation, sequential/comic art). Plus, the wooded river-side setting can’t be beat!

UW Stout

UW Stout Summer Cinema Intensive

MN Film and TV Board

F45:007 – Norah Shapiro, Miss Tibet

F45:007 – Norah Shapiro, Miss Tibet

UPDATE: Norah just won the Best MN Doc award at MSPIFF! Congrats!

This episode we sit down and chat with producer-director Norah Shapiro about her new documentary, Miss Tibet: Beauty in Exile, which just had its local premiere at MSPIFF 2015 (after the world premiere at DOCNYC!). Does starting off as a public defender make for a good filmmaker? And what does local moonshine have to do with any of this?

Miss Tibet: Beauty in Exile
Flying Pieces Productions

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