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F45:017 – Jim Brunzell, Sundance 2017 Day 3

F45:017 – Jim Brunzell, Sundance 2017 Day 3

We’re coming to you “live” from Sundance 2017 Day 3, with Jim Brunzell (Sound Unseen, AGLIFF, Hammer To Nail). In this episode we review some of the films we’ve already seen, what we’re looking forward to, and some notes about the festival and maybe some personal stories, too. Recorded live from our condo in Park City, we hope you enjoy this update and we’ll be back with updates on the Minnesota-related projects here.


Films mentioned:

Person To Person
Free and Easy
The Little Hours

Films not mentioned:

Ingrid Goes West
L.A. Times
The Incredible Jessica James
Tokyo Idols
God’s Own Country
Independent Pilot Series showcase

F45:016 – Aleshia Mueller, Script Supervisor

F45:016 – Aleshia Mueller, Script Supervisor

“I’m from Backus, I can do anything!”

This episode we get schooled in the art of script supervision and continuity, and in having a super can-do attitude, with Aleshia Mueller (ReelNomad). She’s been very busy the last several years working both in town and out (Atlanta and others). Find out what kind of person makes a great script supervisor and what tools she uses to do her job and how volcanoes factor into it all.

Listen closely for the chance to receive a complimentary IFPMN membership (and see free Independent Spirit Nominated movies)! Email or tweet me with your answer to the mystery question.

Books mentioned:
Script Supervising and Film Continuity
by Pat Miller
Beyond Continuity: Script Supervision for the Modern Filmmaker by Mary Cybulski

Ana’s Playground short film
The IFP 2016 Independent Spirit Awards screenings at The Walker
IFP winter class schedule (including a cinematography boot camp by Jeremy)
McKnight Fellowships for Media Artists – application deadline is March 6th.

F45:015 – Barry Andersson, director/dp/author

F45:015 – Barry Andersson, director/dp/author

This episode of Film45 features director/dp/author/trainer Barry Andersson. He wrote The DSLR Filmmaker’s Handbook (2nd Edition) and travels around the country both to train and to work for his clients. You can find his stuff over on, the PVC website, Planet5d, and his own site, Barry knew from a young age he wanted to be a filmmaker. Hear tips about how to flood a basement and how to convince people to work with you by giving them something besides good food. Plus, he’s got an impressive head of hair.

F45:014 – Matthew Anderson, Theater People

F45:014 – Matthew Anderson, Theater People

We’re back with local web series writer/producer Matthew G. Anderson, creator of Theater People. This comedic series features the “drama behind the drama” of the Twin Cities theater scene and is now in production on Season Four (yeah, four!).

In our chat we talk about his film start, his move to Los Angeles to write spec scripts, how being told “no” might mean another door opens right after that, how to control all aspects of your creations, and all about how to make something out of nothing with a bunch of fun and talented people. He’s such a good interviewee, I barely had to work. Enjoy.

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F45:013 – Matt Osterman, filmmaker

F45:013 – Matt Osterman, filmmaker

Writer/director Matt Osterman joins Jeremy for a F45 podcast about making films with a science and sci-fi angle to them. From working on Sportsfan with Jon Stewart, to the Blue Zones project with Dan Buettner, and his own features Ghost From The Machine (iTunes, Amazon, Vudu) and the recent 400 Days (SyFy), starring Brandon Routh, Caty Lotz, Dane Cook, Ben Feldman, and Tom Cavanagh.

Other mentions to explore:
The Twilight Zone
Alcubierre Drive
AI beats Go
Voice From The Stone

F45:012 – Rick Vaicius, Flyway Film Festival

F45:012 – Rick Vaicius, Flyway Film Festival

The hosts of Film45, Jeremy Wilker and Rick Vaicius, have an end-of-year chat about Flyway, Sound Unseen, the film culture in The North, and going to Sundance once again.

Spirit Awards Screenings
McKnight Fellowships
Matt Osterman’s 400 Days
MNFILMTV Town Hall, January 28th, 5:30pm, 514 Studios

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